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It took a good while before the Wii sounded like it might not be the worst name in the known universe for a console, and it may take even longer still before the equally crap named ‘WiiU’ will sit at ease in conversations. However, that may be the least of our worries as it seems with the announcement of ‘ZombiU’ every second or third game is going to have a U at the end of its title.

Apart from the name, there is a lot of guesswork as to how games are going to function on the WiiU (nope, still sounds weird) as the main game is played on a television monitor as per usual, but the controller is a tablet lookalike. It seems that the tablet controller will operate the menu’s etc and all the main attention will be on the television monitor. This raises the question of the player losing immersion and atmosphere by looking down at the smaller screen on the controller.

The one possible problem with the tablet is that it may add a significant price tag to the console, and given that Nintendo have aimed largely at the casual gamer of recent years, the price may deter that audience from what essentially is a games machine. I would never rule Nintendo out from pulling a rabbit from the hat, as they have shown over many years that they handle innovation and most importantly good games extremely well.

When Nintendo get the innovation correct, things tend to work out well. Only time will tell if this new console will have enough tricks up its sleeve to compete with the rumoured higher graphic capability of the forthcoming PS4 and Xbox720. The ‘ZombiU’ gameplay does sound intriguing though, as one bite from an undead will kill your character. You then must take control of a new character, but your previous character has turned into a zombie, and they will be zombie walking with all of the weapons etc that you had before you were bitten.

You have one chance to try and find your zombie body and retrieve your loot, giving it a similar Dark Souls death run feel, and just to add a little more fun into the mix other fellow survivors will be told of the loot and they too will be after that particular zombie in a chase to grab all the valuables.

A lot depends on the developers and their skill at creating interesting uses for this controller without losing immersion. If done properly it could lead to some very tense moments as you access the menu screen on the tablet furiously trying to load a gun while on the main screen zombies are tearing down the only escape route.

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