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The WarZ KeyGen Working 2013


It’s been five years since the outbreak; leaving in its wake a post-apocalyptic nightmare with ninety-five percent of the human population gone. In order to stay alive, you will need food, weapons, and other supplies. Some of you will be able to scavenge as you navigate the terrain, others will be forced to fight for survival as you encounter zombies and other players. Every decision will have an impact on whether you live or how quickly you die.

The War Z: Zombie Game MMO

Forget subscriptions, forget paid DLC and expansion packs.

The War Z is as simple as this – once you install the game to your computer, you will be able to get into the game quickly and play without worrying about subscription fees, no hidden fees, and no paid updates. All updates will be seamlessly delivered to you free of charge when they’re released.

Add AAA graphics and effects mixed with the ability to run even on integrated video cards or low end laptops and you have a unique, fun, experience that is available to everyone.

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