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It has been over 10 years since there has been a new Diablo game and with the upcoming release of Diablo 3, players all over the internet are speculating on possibilities and new twists that could enrich gameplay in the latest Diablo game.

One of the most common speculations is whether or not we will fight angels in Diablo 3. If you have played Diablo 2 before, you know that there were three realms in the Diablo universe: Heaven, Hell, and Sanctuary (the “Earth” of Diablo). The primary plot of Diablo 2 was to defeat the demons from Hell which had invaded Sanctuary.

In order to combat these threats, the Worldstone was created in order to hide the existence of Sanctuary from both Heaven and Hell alike. The reason it had to be hidden from Heaven was that many of the angels considered Sanctuary to be an abomination and wanted to destroy it.

However, at the end of Diablo 2, you learn that Sanctuary was not created by the Heavens and that the humans which populate sanctuary are neither the sole creation of angels or demons but rather the combined efforts of the two. Furthermore, most demons and angels alike had no idea that Sanctuary existed and both sides were bent on the destruction of Sanctuary.

In Diablo 2, the Worldstone itself became corrupted and the game ended with the Archangel Tyrael destroying the Worldstone. When this happened, the world of Sanctuary was exposed to Heaven for the first time, revealing to the vengeful Archangels Sanctuary’s existence.

As a result, it is very likely that we will have to fight at least a few angels in Diablo 3. It is rumored that the fourth and most difficult act in Diablo actually takes place in Heaven. Typically, Act 4 in the previous Diablo games has always taken place in Hell, so it will be interesting to go to the Diablo universe’s Heaven for the first time.

In order to prepare for your imminent battles against the Archangels of Diablo 3, be sure to read up on these Diablo 3 tips as well as specific class guides like Diablo 3 Demon Hunter guide which contains specific builds and tactics to use against your enemies in D3.

If you are thinking this is just speculation, there is one thing which certainly confirms the fact that we will fight angels. If you open up your character sheet in game, you will notice that there is a new element that you can get resist gear for: Holy. You can now get equipment which reduces the amount of damage you take from Holy attacks.

This is a new stat for Diablo 3 as previously you never fought against enemies which were able to use Holy attacks. Demons do not use Holy energy for their attacks, so this means only one thing: that we will be fighting angels in Diablo 3.


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